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Verizon is the largest carrier with the biggest nationwide footprint, consistently ranking among the best for most wireless phone services. Verizon may not always lead the competition when it comes to promotions, but they are relatively quick at matching their offers. Our site always lists the most up to date Verizon phone plans and services.

Verizon offers coverage in more areas than any other wireless carrier and their coverage is above average; However, it is not totally without flaws. Their recent mergers with companies like GTE, AirTouch, Bell Atlantic and others has left them with some problem areas. They are however, working hard to improve service and coverage in these areas.

Verizon's call quality is considered good with better reception and less dropped calls than other wireless carriers and their new tri-band phones are a big improvement.

Verizon services include web, which allows you to check e-mail, send and receive instant messages and access popular sites. This is indeed a bonus, as many carriers only offer unlimited wireless web usage. You should note however, use of web services will use up included minutes. Also available on every plan; two-way text messaging and mobile-to-mobile minutes packages.

Our goal is to operate our business with the highest level of integrity, responsibility and accountability and to continue to build on the trust that we have earned over the years.

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Bottom line, Verizon Wireless ranks near the top of all carriers in call quality, coverage, plan price and customer service.

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