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Our Current List of Nokia Wireless Phones*
Listed by Phone Company
  Company Phone Price  
ALLTEL Wireless Nokia 5185 Tri Mode 19.99
ALLTEL Wireless Nokia 6185 Tri Mode Free
AT&T Wireless Nokia 5165 19.99
AT&T Wireless Nokia 8260 49.99
AT&T Wireless Nokia 6360 89.99
AT&T Wireless Nokia 8265 99.99
AT&T Wireless Nokia 1260 Free
AT&T Wireless Nokia 3360 Free
Cellular One Nokia 8265 129.99
Cellular One Nokia 3360 89.99
Cellular One Nokia 3285 89.99
Cellular One Nokia 5165 Free
Cingular Wireless Nokia 6590 129.99
Cingular Wireless Nokia 8390 149.99
Cingular Wireless Nokia 9290 449.99
Cingular Wireless Nokia 8260 49.99
Cingular Wireless Nokia 8265 99.99
Cingular Wireless Nokia 3360 Free
Cingular Wireless Nokia 3390 Free
Cingular Wireless Nokia 5190 Free
Liberty Wireless Nokia 5170 Free
T-Mobile Nokia 9290 399.99
T-Mobile Nokia 3390 Free
Triton Nokia 8265 129.99
Triton Nokia 6360 149.99
Triton Nokia 5165 29.00
Triton Nokia 1260 49.99
Triton Nokia 8260 49.99
Triton Nokia 3360 79.00
Verizon Wireless Nokia 3285 Free
*Prices and promotions are subject to change at any time without notice. Press the "Select" button for current phone details and plans.

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